JWD working across Sussex, the UK and Europe 

JWD Helping people to move home

Using our experience and expertise to move delightful people and families to set up their new home across Sussex


But we have wheels - so we can go just about anywhere - South even with the support of a boat.

In addition to assisting families from their old property to their new home across East Sussex we also help many delightful customers move home across England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Europe.

Our modern fleet of Mercedes Benz removal vehicles are compliant with the environmental standards and regulations set by all UK local authorities, including London and the TfL, so you can rest assured that if you are moving with JWD around the UK, from city to city or town to country we have the vehicles and an experienced team of people who can move your home contents, treasured possessions and the odd motor bike, hot tub, garden shed or kitchen sink to your new home.

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